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Radiant Products and Services

Radiant Heating and Cooling Solutions offers a portfolio of heating and cooling services to homeowners, installers and specifiers. You will benefit from our custom solutions that are comfort focused, energy efficient and reliable. Our focus is on the whole project’s lifecycle and we are highly specialised in the full suite of services you require:

  • Hydronic heating and cooling systems design.
  • Energy source recommendations and calculations.
  • System component specification.
  • Product selection and supply.
  • Producing accurate installation and as built schematic drawings.
  • Installation support and technical training.
  • Post installation support.

We are not like some suppliers who are content to merely provide the separate system components. Our experience has taught us that such an approach is a recipe for disaster. This is why people choose us: they can find everything they need for their new heating or cooling system in the one place - and importantly, we know how to make all components work cohesively at their best.

Hydronic Heating and Cooling for Floors, Ceilings and Walls

Hydronic underfloor heating systems provide an even distribution of heat across a conditioned space. The result is a uniform thermal experience for home or commercial building occupants. Utilising low temperature water results in energy savings, while creating a comfortable, safe and clean environment.

Using a similar principle to underfloor heating but with pipes embedded in walls and ceilings instead, radiant ceiling and wall systems are an efficient way to heat or cool large spaces. Radiant cooling will usually require drier climates due to the possibility of condensate forming on the cool surfaces.

Our Energy Solutions

There are a variety of energy source options available to you.

Solar Thermal

Solar energy is a renewable heat source that easily integrates into underfloor hydronic heating systems. Solar thermal systems harness the energy from the sun using panels (solar collectors) to efficiently generate hot water and then store this heated water in a buffer tank. A heat exchanger within the buffer tank is used to provide the heated water required for the underfloor heating system. The round tube design of the solar collectors is a modern solar thermal technology that allows heat to be captured for more hours of the day and with better efficiency compared to the flat panel solar designs of many other systems.

Heat Pumps

Heat pump technology allows heating and cooling systems to obtain their heat from natural sources such as the outside air or the ground. Radiant Heating and Cooling Solutions can provide a whole heating system design incorporating underfloor heating and renewable energy sources like heat pumps. This increases the efficiency of the overall system, reduces your carbon footprint and creates a comfortable office or home environment.

Gas Boilers

Modern condensing gas boilers will work more efficiently when used to provide heat to hydronic heating systems. Condensing gas boilers reuse waste flue gases to heat the water and system efficiencies of nearly 90% have been reported. We will help select the best gas boiler to use with your selected system, as well as supporting the installation process if required.


Careful sizing and selection of a chiller unit to provide cooling to your underfloor or radiant ceiling system is an important consideration for a homeowner, specifier or installer. Commonly, for residential applications, a small and low rating chiller will usually accomplish the task. Heat loading and heat loss calculations are required for correct chiller sizing. When we work with you on your project, we will take care of all the design aspects for you.

Radiant Heating and Cooling Solutions provides professional heating and cooling services encompassing all the above. If you are working on a new build or renovation project and would like to discuss your heating and cooling options, give us a call today. Alternatively if you know the system you need call us for a FREE estimate on 1300 790 636 today.

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