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Integrating Solar Power with Hydronic Heating and Cooling.

New homes that are all-electric and have solar power will save their owners thousands of dollars compared to new homes with dual fuel (gas and electric) and no solar, according to a new report by the Alternative Technology Association (ATA).

The Household Fuel Choice in the National Electricity Market report found owners will be between $9,000 – $16,000 better off over 10 years if they establish their new home as all-electric with a 5-kilowatt solar system rather than gas-electric with no solar.

New homes with efficient electric appliances like heat pump hot water systems, split-system air-conditioners and LED lighting working with large solar systems make sense economically, according to report co-author and ATA energy analyst Dean Lombard.

This is why we recommend Heat Pumps as the best current and future energy source for heating and cooling your home.

Electricity or gas?

Research using current Australian costs for electricity and gas has been shown that the running cost of the average hydronic heat pump is less than 50% of the running cost of a Natural Gas fired Boiler per Watt of heating energy emitted.

Electricity is traditionally considered the more expensive way to heat the home. The big advantage of heat pumps though, is that unlike a traditional electric radiator that turns that 1kWh into one unit of useful heat, a heat pump converts 1kWh into 3.5 or even more units of useful heating or cooling energy.

So heat pumps are a fantastic way to create heating and cooling in the home; they absorb thermal energy from the air and transfer it into a fluid for distribution into the home.

Air source heat pump units look very much like air conditioning units seen on the outside of many buildings. The size of the heat pump will be determined based on your home’s heating and cooling demand – the bigger the home, the more heating or cooling it is going to require – so the larger the air source heat pump unit.

Enhancing your system performance with Hydronic Heating and Cooling

You will get even better performance than the latest air conditioning system if you select radiant hydronic underfloor heating and cooling

The reason is that radiant underfloor heating achieves the highest levels of comfort but at a lower operating temperature than most convective air conditioning systems. This concept is important in understanding why underfloor heating can reduce the energy required to heat a building because it enables heat pumps to achieve their maximum rated factory efficiency, saving you even more money.

Rooftop solar power

The next smart choice is to invest in rooftop solar panels to offset the power supply costs of your Air Source Heat Pump and all the other electrical equipment in your home. A hydronic heat pump integrated with Rooftop solar power really is the most energy efficient way to heat and cool modern homes.  

What now?

Step 1 is to contact us with a set of plans so we can expertly design a system that will provide the ultimate indoor comfort.

Step 2 We provide you with all the energy data your Rooftop solar provider will need to correctly size the solar power system to operate with our heating and cooling solution at the highest efficiency all year round.

Step 3 If you don’t have a Solar power provider we can put you in touch with one that is an expert in heat pump and solar power integration.

Sample live energy usage report;

Live Heating Energy Consumption Report

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