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Solar Thermal

Your under floor heating system will need an energy source and solar thermal is an increasingly popular choice for a variety of reasons. The combination of solar thermal energy and underfloor heating can bring enhanced aesthetics, atmosphere and ambiance for increased comfort and peace-of-mind.

Perfect Partners: Solar Thermal Power and Underfloor Heating

Smart HeatingSolar thermal has been used to generate hot water for decades, and the productivity of solar collectors has now risen to the point where heat retention of over 90% is now possible. This makes solar thermal the ideal heat source for underfloor heating systems. It is a renewable energy source and offers cumulative efficiency benefits when integrated with a hydronic heating system.

The Benefits of Solar Thermal Heating

When you choose solar thermal as the heat source for your underfloor heating system:

  • You have hot water available all year round, though a boiler may be required to top up the solar thermal heat in the winter months.
  • You can slash your natural gas or standard electricity bills by up to 80% - for life. It’s all savings (or profit) once the system has paid for itself.
  • You will reduce your carbon footprint since the sun is free and has no net carbon impact.

How it works

Solar panels, also known as collectors are fitted to a building roof where they are used to capture the heat from the sun. The heat raises the temperature of a heat transfer medium which is pumped to a hot water tank with a heat exchanger to provide the hot water for the underfloor heating system.

The two main types of solar thermal collectors are:

  • Flat panel collectors, that closely resemble solar PV panels.
  • Evacuated tubes, that have a bigger surface area and perform better in winter months.

It should be noted that while solar thermal sources are capable of meeting most typical domestic heating requirements, another heat source may be required if you have different volume or seasonal requirements. A larger solar thermal system may be possible to meet these heating and hot water needs.

Solar thermal powered underfloor heating is a perfect partnership. It is an excellent way to combine environmental and financial responsibility, while creating a temperature controlled space to bring comfort and, in the case of a workplace, increased productivity.

Increase comfort, use less energy, save money and feel great! To learn more, complete the contact request form or give us a call. Every question is a good question.

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