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Heating Cooling Options

Hydronic Heating and Cooling Options

With Australia’s well defined climatic seasons, there's an unavoidable need for heating in winter and cooling in summer. Several heating and cooling options are available to choose from, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, however hydronic heating systems are the ideal choice for those who have the means to invest in the best long-term solution.

The benefits are many, though not always immediately obvious. The journey of discovery begins with your goals.

Comfort is a primary goal of any major home renovation project. Other factors such as aesthetics, cost, occupancy patterns, security and building purpose will also influence your decisions, however health and comfort are common and rightly focused priorities.

Based on above mentioned factors and priorities here is the list of residential and commercial projects that Radiant Heating and Cooling Solutions has designed, consulted or supplied for various in floor or ceiling heating systems in Australia.

The Benefits of Hydronic Heating Systems

A hydronic heating system uses pipes filled with hot or warm water to efficiently deliver heat exactly where it is required. It is the ultimate solution for those seeking optimum effectiveness and optimal economics.

Sources of heat for hydronic systems include the following:

  • Modern high efficiency condensing boilers.
  • Solar thermal hot water.
  • Conventional boilers which support a secondary pump for the underfloor heating systems.

Hydronic heating solutions offer significant advantages over hot air heating systems. They:

  • Are draught-free, because they don’t involve fans and moving air.
  • Energy efficient with lower operating costs bringing you savings over time.

  • Deliver a cleaner and healthier environment, as hydronic systems do not disturb the air or carry dust particles. This makes them ideal for asthmatics.
  • Provide more temperature control and make it easier to achieve desired comfort levels by regulating water temperature.

Your Other Options

Yes, there are other options. If you are constructing a new home or selecting a specifier, your other choices include:

  • Evaporative cooling.
  • Ducted refrigeration system.
  • Split system.
  • Hydronic cooling system.

While air conditioning split systems are the most common method of providing cooling and heating for homes, they are far from being the best solution. Similarly, while commercial and industrial buildings have historically gone with central HVAC systems, especially for cooling, there is significant ongoing operational cost.

Most people do not realise either the superior benefits of hydronic products and services. Most also do not realise hydronic heating system can be used for cooling too.

Hydronic Cooling Systems? Really?!

As already stated, air conditioning split systems are a common method of cooling homes, with central HVAC systems being employed in commercial and industrial buildings. However, did you know a hydronic heating system can be used for cooling too? At Radiant we can provide project support from the planning stage right through to installation and maintenance.

If you would like to know more about the added benefits of providing space cooling via your hydronic heating systems pipework, give us a call and we will be able to provide all the answers you need. We can also provide guidance on selecting the best heating or cooling system for your new home, or retrofit project.

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