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Combined Underfloor Heating and Air Conditioning Cooling Solution

ClimateMaker is the all-in-one indoor climate solution that innovative architects have been demanding for sustainable, modern homes. Designed in Australia using proven technology from Europe, ClimateMaker uses a single high efficiency heat pump to produce cooling water in summer and heating water in winter.

It simplifies design and delivers energy more efficiently using low pressure water rather than refrigerant gas. Operating costs are notably lower than conventional air conditioning systems, especially whilst in heating mode.

Climatemaker is the quietest, cleanest, most comfortable indoor environment control system available.


  • Professional design service; Complimentary design service for architects, building designers and specifiers.
  • Architectural Design Flexibility; Invisible heating and cooling solutions embedded in walls, ceiling and floors allow for many design choices without compromise.
  • Renewables; Can be integrated with rooftop solar energy and geothermal.
  • Simple; One single contractor for underfloor heating and air conditioning.
  • Small; Reduced plant space for equipment. Single energy source.
  • Smart; Optional smart phone or PC control and integration with Home automation products.

To obtain an obligation free design and quote for your next project, please contact me and you’ll be surprised how affordable and easy it is to enjoy the year-round comfort that only ClimateMaker can deliver.

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