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The Radiant Difference

At Radiant, we do things differently, because we care about what you care about, we understand your needs, and we are totally committed to seeing them met. When designing the components that will make your dream home comfortable, you only get one chance to get things right. Whether you are a homeowner building your own home, or a contractor helping clients realise their dreams, we have the right heating and cooling solution for you.

At Radiant Heating and Cooling Solutions, We Set Ourselves Apart

There are a number of Australian companies offering heating and cooling services. At Radiant Heating and Cooling Solutions, we have set ourselves apart by identifying and responding with utmost professionalism to the four critical aspects of a heating and cooling project. These are:

  1. Design and drafting
  2. Establishing specifications and supply
  3. Installation and commissioning
  4. Complete process technical support

We are committed to executing each of these steps to a higher level than others in the industry.

How We Demonstrate Our Competitive Edge

It’s easy to say you are different and better than the competition; the hard part is demonstrating it. Here’s how we do it.

Design and Drafting Services

Design and drafting services are provided free-of-charge to all our clients. This applies whether you are a homeowner, specifier or installer. Instead of running around with a set of technical drawings from one supplier to the next, we carry out all design work in-house, ensuring problems are quickly identified, resolved or avoided all together, saving you time and money. We have a diverse team of specialists who bring both experience and expertise to your project.

One Location

Specifying and supplying the best equipment for every particular project, we take the time and care to ensure you are spared regrets later. We excel at this because design, drafting and specification processes are all carried out in the same office. Details can be cross checked quickly and discrepancies ironed out faster.

Industry Standards

At Radiant Heating and Cooling Solutions we believe the installation and commissioning of any heating or cooling can make or break a project. As a result, in addition to following Australian best-practice industry protocols, our installations also meet local and even stringent European standards (a bar height that, to the best of our knowledge, no other Australian supplier even tries to meet).

Our team is available to assist with technical inquiries on the telephone or on site. If you are a contractor or specifier and you are implementing our design, we are with you every step of the way.

Bringing together these four critical elements into a harmonised project is our biggest differentiating factor. Other providers are happy with carrying out parts of a project, and then handing you onto another. We don’t operate that way unless you specifically request it. But why would you? Our system is tried and proven, as evidenced by the diverse portfolio of heating and cooling projects we have successfully completed.

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