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Here are some of the most common asked questions regarding underfloor heating and cooling.

How much does it cost?

Price is always proportional to system complexity, building performance, climate and the contractor. With a simple radiant system design, well insulated building and a skilled contractor, you can obtain an affordable radiant system.

People spend thousands of dollars each year on outdoor decks, patio's and furniture trying to be more comfortable outdoors rather than investing in their own HVAC (Heating,Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems to be comfortable indoors where they spend 90% of their time; it's all about ones priorities. We are delighted to provide quotes specific to each project and client’s needs.

What floor finishes are suitable for use with UFH?

Underfloor heating can be used with virtually all floor finishes and surface coverings such as surfaced concrete, stone or quarry tiles, floating suspended floors, carpet underlay, wood and laminate flooring. The system must be designed to ensure that the maximum material and interface temperatures are respected. Contact RHCS for more information.

Can radiant heat crack or damage wood flooring?

The main issue of concern is usually expansion or contraction due to changing moisture levels. The general rules are:

  • The initial moisture content of the wood should be less than 8% to avoid warping or shrinkage
  • The initial moisture content of the screed should be less than 0·5%
  • The surface temperature of the wood should not exceed 27°C
  • Softwoods such as pine should be avoided.


Is underfloor heating more efficient than radiators?

In simple terms underfloor heating is more efficient because:

  • It uses lower temperature water (typically 35°C to 50°C rather than 70-82°C) so less energy is needed to heat the water.
  • It enables condensing boilers to condense more often.
  • The nature of the heat (radiant) provides a comparable comfort level at a lower air temperature

Can I use a cooling ceiling system also for radiant heating?

Yes, Instead of cool water, you only send warm water through the ceiling panels.

Will a ceiling system cost more than the conventional system?

Radiant ceiling cooling systems will generally cost more than floor heating systems as
there is a need for controlling humidity in the space. Cost will vary depending on panel
coverage area. Contact RHCS for a quote.



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