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Gas Boilers

As part of our design, specification and installation service, Radiant Heating and Cooling Solutions can also specify and supply gas boilers for your heating and hot water needs.

By determining your heating and hot water requirements we will recommend a best-fit solution that is efficiently and correctly sized for you. We follow a similar process for both residential, commercial and industrial clients, using a tried and proven calculations protocol to accurately calculate your heating demand and specify the correct boiler system.

bosch system boiler

bosch boilersYour Best-Fit Gas Boiler Solution

Condensing boilers offer remarkable efficiency when running an underfloor heating system. They are not only capable of efficiently delivering the low temperature hot water required for underfloor heating, but the condensing boilers also capture exhaust heat for reuse. The same amount of fuel ultimately produces more heat saving you money on fuel bills.

Features & Benefits:

  • Condensing technology – saving you money
  • Over 90% energy efficiency+
  • 18 kW and 30 kW system boilers for central heating
  • 37 kW ‘combi’ boiler for central heating and domestic hot water
  • Easy installation and servicing
  • Self-cleaning aluminium/silicon heat cell – prolonged system life
  • Fully electronic safety management and fault diagnostics
  • Optional room thermostats and controls available
  • Quiet operation (42 – 45 dB)

Whether you are looking to upgrade your boiler as part of your underfloor heating installation or would like to know more about other energy options, we are here to help.



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