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Heat Pump Energy Source

Heat pump technology takes advantage of the heat trapped in the air, a body of water or soil and captures it to provide your home with heating or hot water. Although requiring electrical energy to operate, they save energy by more efficiently producing heat than natural gas or electricity alone. At Radiant Heating and Cooling Solutions we have the expertise required to not only size and install heat pumps, but also to integrate them with hydronic underfloor heating systems.

Types of Heat Pumps

Air Source heat pumps

These absorb heat from the external air which can then be used to heat water for radiators, provide hot water, populate an underfloor heating systems or heat spaces directly. Air source heat pumps work on the similar principle to a fridge, extracting heat from the outside air.

Ground Source heat pumps

The thermal mass of the soil absorbs heat during the day and acts as a storage heater with geothermal heating. Ground source heat pumps extract this stored heat via looped pipes buried in the ground containing a heat transfer fluid (antifreeze and water mixture) at low temperature. Passing the fluid through a compressor raises its temperature and then, by passing it through a heat exchange, water is heated. As the ground temperature remains constant at certain depths, this allows ground source heat pumps to work throughout the year.

The Advantages using Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps provide:

  • Are classified as a renewable source of heat that remains available all year round
  • Significant energy cost savings especially if moving away from electric heating.
  • A lower carbon footprint.
  • A low maintenance solution.

Heat pumps are an ideal heat source for underfloor heating systems because they efficiently and effectively produce low temperature hot water.

At Radiant Heating and Cooling Solutions we have mastered the art of integrating heat pumps with hydronic heating systems. If you are considering using heat pumps for your home or commercial building, get in touch with us to find out more.

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