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Options for Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating and Cooling Sydney

In all but rare cases, heating and cooling represents the largest ongoing expense over a building’s lifetime, so making the right choice at the beginning is one of the wisest investments a property owner, builder or specialist can make. It represents one of the most significant building design and construction decisions that exist.



Application: Residential/Commercial
One of our thinnest low profile insulated panelling system
Thickness of the insulating base: 12.5mm
Standard thickness: 33mm
Thermal resistance: 0.5 (m2K/W)
Pipe sizes: Ø17 mm
Pipe spacing: 83mm multiples

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Application: Suitable for most applications when no height is available for a screed
It is still recommended to insulate below the slab
Thickness of the insulating base: None
Standard thickness: 0mm
Thermal resistance: 0
Pipe sizes: Ø17 mm

Choosing the right underfloor cooling and heating system can save thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars over time, as well as reduce the carbon footprint, increase property value and massively increase comfort levels and productivity within the building itself. To empower your informed decision, we introduce you to the benefits of the system as well as some comparisons with alternative options.

How a Concealed Heating and Cooling System Works?

With underfloor heating a network of pipes is situated under the floor structure. A heat pump moves low temperature water through these, delivering heat evenly at floor level where it’s needed. This makes it the ideal solution for almost all spaces, especially those with high ceilings such as open plan homes or industrial warehouses. Even distribution of heat is easily achieved and the cost of doing this is significantly less.

The key benefits include:

  • Energy efficiency: Delivering comfort heating exactly where it’s needed is more efficient. Lower water temperatures mean your heat source can work efficiently too.
  • Interior design: Invisible and non intrusive, you have the freedom to play with every inch of your home’s interior. Say goodbye to inconveniently located radiators with underfloor heating.
  • Sustainability: Contribute to saving the planet by using less fossil fuel to heat your home.
  • Health, Safety and Comfort: No hot radiators or sharp corners around the home, no convection airflow carrying bacteria and pollen and no floor moisture encouraging mites and bugs to proliferate.

Underfloor Cooling and Heating is The Optimal Choice

To appreciate the advantages of underfloor heating and cooling, it is also helpful to compare it to the common alternatives such as conventional radiator systems and air conditioning.

Radiators use convection currents to distribute heat. As a single point heat source, the temperature of the radiator itself needs to be remarkably high. The convection currents established carry this heat (as it dissipates) away and across the room or space. As a result, not only is the power required to generate the source point temperature very high, but the heat distribution across the room is uneven.

Air conditioning systems require a single source heat generation point also, as well as distribution through forced air movement. Air conditioning suffers from the same two primary weaknesses of radiators.

Stated simply, when compared to other heating methods, the alternatives are comparatively expensive and ineffective.

At Radiant Heating and Cooling Solutions we have the expertise and experience to help you take advantage the benefits underfloor heating cooling can offer you. Whether you are an architectural firm, owner/builder, or other specialist heating system provider, we can support you with system design, product specification and installation.

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