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Newington College, Stanmore

Newington Early Learning Centre provides early childhood education for 3- and 4-year-old boys and girls.

The beautiful, purpose-built centre was designed with early childhood learning experts and incorporates educational indoor play areas, quiet zones and outdoor spaces.

The new ELC building is situated next to Newington’s Junior Campus located in Stanmore. The building comprises a basement carpark, a first floor with three new early learning rooms and attached bathrooms, a common piazza area, food preparation area and back of house staff rooms and kitchen.

RHCS was contracted to provide comfortable underfloor hydronic heating to the three large multipurpose learning areas covering 500m2 of floorspace. Each zone is independently temperature controlled and heated by a high efficiency Bosch condensing natural gas boiler.

Underfloor heating is the most energy efficient and safe form of heating for public areas and ideal for schools and childhood learning centres.

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Budden Nangle Michael & Hudson Architects
Grindley Construction
Newington College NSW
Newington College Wyvern Campus Early Learning Centre, Stanmore
Build Cost
> $8 million
Type of System
Embedded “in-screed” hydronic heating
Heat Source
Bosch 5000W Condensing natural gas boiler 30 kW
Controls Package
Heatmiser Electronics
NewPlus insulated floor heating system

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