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Will Under Floor Heating Increase My Property Value?

The system of under floor heating was invented by the Romans more than 1,600 years ago. The technology that makes it ultra-effective and efficient has been a little more recent. Currently it is estimated that 60 per cent of all German houses use this floor technologies, so unlike most of the western world that is somewhat electricity obsessed, they enjoy comfort, savings and the added benefits of increased resale values.

In Australia, there is a growing interest in hydronic (or water heating and cooling) systems. For many, the interest is driven by aesthetic considerations. Minimalist design trends abhor radiators and obstructive features, and there are of course other reasons: a love of both stone or timber floorings combined with warm underfoot comfort, environmental awareness, health, long-term savings and improved returns through resale value.

Will property value increase with under floor heating and cooling technology installed? Typically, the answer is “Yes”. A well insulated home or business property will find the heating and cooling systems a useful asset. Perhaps significantly, as more and more buildings incorporate this technology into their construction, the question from prospective buyers in a decade or so might even be, “You mean you HAVEN’T got under floor heating?”. Insulation matters, because while the water temperature used is almost half of that typically used in radiators (45°C compared to 85°C), even when this economical heats travels evenly up from the floor, it needs to be captured or lost.

A well insulated home or business will benefit from heating via under floor methods. The technology, when applied well, will warm (pun intended) the hearts and interest of future potential buyers.

Other Merits of Under Floor Heating

Not only should you see an increase in your property value, under floor heating offers additional advantages over other space heating methods too. We’ve already mentioned the low-temperature water that reduces heating costs. Other benefits include:

  • Low running costs accompanied by higher comfort levels.
  • Elimination of cold spots through even heat distribution.
  • Multiplied interior decorating options due to clear spaces and unhindered lines.
  • Long lifespan and almost no maintenance required.
  • Compatible with renewable technologies such as ground source heat pumps and solar thermal systems.
  • Healthier living due to greatly reduced convection currents, reduced moisture and reductions in airborne dust particles.

When Should I Install It and Who Should I Talk To?

Our heating systems can be installed during initial building processes, or as part of a redevelopment or renovation. The best time is obviously during construction, preceded by the contributions of a clever and experienced design team.

With the value-adding benefits of under floor technologies, as well as the design freedom and other benefits that result, there is little surprise we are seeing a return to this historically proven but technologically advanced solution.

Are you a homeowner looking to upgrade the heating in your home and want to find out if hydronic heating is a viable option? Are you an installer seeking to start working with under floor heating and would like more information? At Radiant Heating and Cooling Solutions, we can provide an all round service from design to specification and installation. Call us on 1300 790 636 to find out more about how to get started.

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