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Australia's newest heating and cooling showroom is now open.

One week before Christmas 2015, a freak tornado with winds reaching 213km/h caused major damage to homes and infrastructure at Kurnell NSW, birthplace of the nation. One of the worst hit industrial buildings housed Radiant Heating and Cooling Solution’s office and showroom at 18 Sir Joseph Banks Drive.

Now, just six months later a brand new, much enlarged showroom has opened to present the latest high tech hydronic heating and cooling systems to customers eager to experience the ultimate in indoor comfort.

Radiant Heating and Cooling is a superior alternative to conventional air conditioning as it generates no draughts, is completely silent and much more energy efficient than even the latest air conditioners.

Many high end homes and small commercial projects have incorporated the technology, mainly on the recommendation of Architects who have been quick to perceive the aesthetic benefits of an indoor climate system that is both silent and invisible.  It is also extremely comfortable, creating uniform temperature and humidity levels across all rooms within the home.

The best way to understand how comfortable Radiant Heating and Cooling is, is to walk through an existing building and experience it first-hand. With that in mind, Radiant Solution’s showroom is in fact a fully operational office space over two levels totalling 420m2 in area. Customers are welcome to visit, walk through and actually feel the system in operation.

Because all the components are completely hidden, special viewing panels in ceilings and walls have been constructed to showcase the high tech piping and controls that work quietly away in the background, keeping the indoor temperature and humidity at optimum levels for human comfort.   

The showroom also demonstrates how easily Radiant Heating and Cooling can be combined with the latest energy source technologies like solar and geothermal to further reduce long term running costs. 

For more photos of the RHCS Showroom, please click here to see the project gallery.

Before and after the Kurnell storm 2015

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