Affordable School Cooling – Now and for the Future

A student’s overall comfort level in a classroom will affect their concentration levels and in turn, determine how much information they can absorb.

Classroom heating and cooling is something schools have struggled to get right throughout many states in Australia. Particularly in places that host quite extreme weather conditions. It’s common practice for teachers to wear trench coats in winter while they teach and for kids to require a ‘hose off’ in Australia’s scorching hot summers.

One of the issues with the current heating and cooling standards is choosing options that are affordable and economical. Many schools only havewall mounted slit systems installed in each portable classroom which can not only dry out students’ eyes, it also struggles to maintain temperatures with students walking in and out.

There is another option however. Underfloor heating and cooling systems are proven to be a not only affordable and efficient way to heat and cool a room, they were also made with ‘comfort’ in mind. Underfloor heating and cooling radiates across the entire floor, meaning there is no uncomfortable airflow in the room.

Where most systems are mounted to a wall, usually high off the ground, underfloor systems regulate temperature from the ground up, dispersing the warmth or cooling throughout the entire room. The effectiveness of this type of system means it doesn’t need to run as long as traditional systems and uses high efficiency heat pumps as energy source. They supply chilled floors for cooling and heated floors for warming at safe temperatures. This removes the hazards of carbon monoxide associated with gas heating in classrooms.

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