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Radiant Heating and Cooling Solutions (RHCS) was launched in 2015 by a group of technical experts in response to the increasing need in the market to provide cutting-edge hydronic underfloor heating and climate control solutions. With a distinct lack of Australian Standards around underfloor heating, the level of quality, performance and efficiency currently being supplied in the market has led to many poorly designed systems.

Our mission is to offer the latest technological advances in hydronic climate control solutions, whilst strictly adhering to the latest BS EN1264 Standard (Water based surface embedded heating and cooling systems) and European guidelines to ensure our clients aren’t left with inefficient and underperforming systems.

Although RHCS is a relatively small team of professionals, our company is part owned by the Caleffi Group, which also encompasses RDZ – a specialist Italian manufacturer of underfloor heating and cooling systems.  With Caleffi and RDZ providing resources and training on the latest products, technology and standards, RHCS has been able to incorporate these developments into systems designed for local conditions to provide superior heating and cooling solutions for the Australian market.

In 2019, Ekinex became a part of the Caleffi Group, thereby providing extensive controls functionality and integration into Caleffi and RDZ’s hydronic heating solutions. Ekinex’s complimentary range of controls is not only a natural extension for climate control, but also has the ability to be integrated into a full home automation system, thanks to it being built on the KNX Standard. To take advantage of Ekinex’s improved capabilities, RHCS was quick to adopt the technology and employed the services of a qualified and competent specialist programmer to support the range.


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