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We work with stakeholders at all levels and engage with consultants, architects, engineers, homeowners, building contractors and tradesman to ensure that your requirements are understood, interpreted and delivered at every step of the project.

Not only do we provide the core components of the heating and cooling system and home automation, but by working closely with leading providers such as Mitsubishi Electric, Bosch, Evoheat and other reputable brands enables us to offer a full service package including design, drawings, supply, installation and market-leading after sales support. For those who want just a part of that service, we can help with that too.


Our experienced team is able to assist architects and consultants during the design process to help ensure that the heating and cooling systems, as well as home automation systems, are efficiently and professionally integrated into your designs. We consider reliability, trust and technical expertise to be the hallmarks of our relationship with specifiers.

We work with you to ensure your needs are met and you have the information you require to make your job that little bit easier. Tap into our in-depth knowledge on climate control solutions, energy source options, and home automation systems, as well as utilise our technical training, presentations and engineering capabilities to give your clients the right solution for their project.


We offer hydronic system design, installation services and home automation programming to contractors and builders. We bring our expertise to your project, while releasing your resources to focus on what you do best. Our team will interpret your client’s requirements into a design proposal, support you with a full product specification, draft detailed drawings to support the system installation and prepare ‘as built’ drawings after completion, as well as offer an installation to the highest standard.


We are here to help. With an obligation free chat, we can guide you through what possibilities are available for underfloor heating, integrating air conditioning systems, thermal storage heaters and home automation solutions.

Climate control and home automation systems have numerous options and each project is custom designed and built to suit your needs. A little more exploration around what the possibilities are will give us a better idea of what you want to achieve –  whether you simply want some basic functionality improvements with the heating and cooling package or if you are designing your dream home with a whole of home automation system. To get started, please review some of the questions below to identify some of the goals and features that you and your family might benefit from.



What floor finish/es do you have to be served by the heating system?

  • Tile / Concrete
  • Carpet
  • Floorboards

What individual zones do you want to control? ie, each bedroom, bathroom, living areas, kitchen?

Do you have natural gas, bottled gas, solar or other energy source available?

Do you wish to integrate an air conditioning package?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Unsure, tell me more.


What do you want to achieve with your automation project?

  • Update the style of your home
  • Improve the functionality
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Improve security
  • Remote access and control
  • Other 

What do you want to control?

  • Climate Control – Heating and Cooling
  • Home theatre / entertainment
  • Whole house audio
  • Lighting
  • Security / Access
  • Communication

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We work with stakeholders at all levels and engage with consultants, architects, engineers, homeowners, building contractors and tradesman.

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