Climatemaker UF + AirCon


Climatemaker systems delivers unsurpassed indoor comfort by cleverly combining hydronic floor heating with ducted air conditioning in one highly efficient system.

Incorporating Mitsubishi Electric’s Air To Water (ATW) series high efficiency system to provide the heating and cooling energy required for the climate control package is the key in achieving optimal performance, while benefiting from reduced running costs and less impact on environment. The ATW system is coupled with a heat exchanger unit which provides heating water for the hydronic underfloor heating system. Applying heat pump and heat recovery technology, the units are suitable for domestic residences and light commercial applications.

In addition to providing a single energy source, the control system by Ekinex offers the ability to control both the underfloor heating and air conditioning systems from the one stylish and easy-to-use interface, with the flexibility of further enhancing climate control through custom programming, scene creation, remote control and other home automation features.


For those who wish to use another brand of air conditioning system, then there is no problem to integrate most leading brands into the Climatemaker package. Simply let us know what your preferred system is, and we will make sure that it is KNX compatible so that we can integrate the controls with the rest of the system. This way, you still get to use your favourite brand, but with the convenience of controlling both the cooling system and the underfloor heating system from one simple and intuitive interface.

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