Ekinex - Italian made Automation

When technology makes life easier and design makes it more enjoyable.

EKINEX® build devices that make simpler gestures of everyday life. Our scenario is the world: homes, offices, public buildings, schools, hospitals, industries. Our concept of home automation is supported and made possible by the KNX standard, which allows the decentralized and automated management of technological systems of all types and sizes. We exploit the potential of the KNX system to ensure high quality standards for a project that we called eKiNeX. We increase comfort, we reduce energy consumption, we raise the long-term value of a building, we coordinate systems, we manage safety.

The products of the Ekinex® line are developed and produced in Italy. Thanks to a qualified and competent team, Ekinex® has created a product that embodies the essence of Made in Italy design, attention to detail, cutting-edge technology and innovation. Designed for a global market, the Ekinex® products are the expression of the new Italian tradition that combines attention to craftsmanship in the manufacture of the product and high levels of technology. Ekinex® promotes the idea of an Italian design that is not a mere aesthetic exercise, but includes, as basic elements, user friendliness, immediate understanding of the function and balanced and intelligent application of technology. Technology makes life easier, design makes it more enjoyable.


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