Energy Sources

There are a few options available to choose from when it comes to supplying your heating and cooling system, however, a condensing gas boiler or electric heat pump are by far the main sources used.

A condensing hydronic heating boiler is a high efficiency boiler with internal water pump designed specifically for a closed loop heating system. External dimensions around 700x400x400 meaning they don’t require much space. Energy source being Natural Gas or LPG.

Although it is possible to use LPG bottles as an energy source for the boilers, we recommend against it as the rate of consumption is high and you will find yourself replacing bottles more frequently than acceptable. A heat pump runs off electricity and requires no gas of any kind to run.

A hydronic heat pump works much the same as an air conditioning (AC) unit except where an AC unit makes hot and cold air, a heat pump makes hot and cold water. It has the same benefits of an AC unit where it gains large amounts of efficiency by taking advantage of an internal refrigerant gas system. This greatly reduces energy required and saves electricity costs. A heat pumps running cost is approximately 40% of a gas boiler. The heat pump does have a similar size footprint as a typical outdoor AC unit with similar requirements for ventilation.

Condensing Gas Boiler

Electric Heat Pump

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