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Behind every new Radiant Pool Heating system is years of expertise in hydronic heating.

Who are we?

RHCS has developed a reputation for quality and reliability in thermal energy systems. We employ qualified engineers, electricians and licensed plumbers to design and install hydronic heating in some of Australia’s most prestigious and award winning homes (see projects residential).

Where do we install?

Located right here in the Shire we now bring the latest energy saving strategies to reduce pool heating costs across all Sutherland Shire and close surrounding suburbs.

What products do we offer?

Now is the time to extend your swimming season and enjoyment right at home. Old fashioned heating methods such as rooftop tube and gas heating are rapidly being replaced by the latest inverter heat pumps. 

We offer only the most efficient heat pumps and can couple these to existing and new electric rooftop energy systems.

Why heat pumps ?

Because Australia has one of the highest uptakes of rooftop solar energy in the world. With similarly high pool ownership in the Shire, it makes sense to combine the two technologies.

What’s the result?

  1. Lowest running costs of any year round pool heating system.
  2. Maximum return on your solar and pool investment .
  3. Fingertip control of running costs with the inbuilt Wifi app. 

It’s all about your long term comfort and enjoyment.

RHCS Pool Heating

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Installation Service Area

Radiant Heating and Cooling Solutions currently services the Sutherland Shire and nearby suburbs. See the map below for an approximate service area, however, if in doubt, please contact us to check if we can provide you with our pool installation service.

RHCS Pool Install Map

At Radiant Heating and Cooling Solutions, We Set Ourselves Apart

Our mission is to offer the latest technological advances in hydronic climate control solutions.

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