Off-peak Room Heater

The Heatpac ‘Heatboss’ off-peak storage heating system can be programmed to store heat during the cheapest off peak power periods and allows owners to reduce heating costs using the lowest cost energy available from the grid.

The Heatboss off-peak storage heaters have a number of smart features to improve energy efficiency and comfort, including;

  • Intelligent charging which learns your usage patterns and stores only as much power as you need.
  • Advanced digital programming for comfort, economy or anti-frost modes to match your lifestyle and reduce energy consumption.
  • Alexa control allows for voice control integration and geolocation technology to detect when you’re close to home to pre-heat your rooms, creating a warm and inviting entrance for when you arrive at home.
  • Adaptive features such as window detection and adaptive start to control when to turn the heater on or off to ensure rooms are warm when you need them.

To maximise the energy-saving potential, the Heatboss storage heaters can also be used with an optional WiFi Hub accessory which connects to your home router and allows the system to be managed over the internet using the WiFi app installed on a compatible mobile device.

For more information about Heatpac off peak storage room heaters, visit the Heatpac website.

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