Pool Heat Pumps

Heat Pump technology is becoming the world’s most popular solution for heating.

For pool heating, EvoHeat are up to 15 times more efficient than electric element heating and typically over half the running cost of gas. This makes EvoHeat products greener and cleaner than traditional methods of heating.

Energy Efficiency = Lower Heating Costs

With one of the highest Coefficiency Of Performance (C.O.P.) ratings available worldwide, our units are up to 15 times more energy-efficient than other technologies in the market. This translates to exceptionally large savings in the long term. For every 1kW of electricity used, up to 16kW of heat is produced with an EvoHeat unit. Compare this with an electric element heater and you will see the ratio of electricity to heat production considerably less.

Our digital control technology makes it even better

Our pool heating products can all be powered by Solar Electric or Off Peak and Renewable Energy Sources to super charge your energy savings. Our state of the art power management accessories allow us to tap in to your rooftop electric solar as well as the latest low cost off peak and renewable energy plans offered by many energy providers.

EvoHeat Heat Pump range

Evo Heat Pumps

Produce up to
16kW of heat from 1kW of electricity

Electric Heating

Produce approx.
1kW of heat from 1kW of electricity

Solar Tube Heating

Cannot guarantee consistent
pool heating as it is reliant on the weather.

Gas Heating

Produce approx.
800w of heat from 1kw of gas


  • Affordable inverter heating
  • LCD screen and timer control
  • 5 sizes to suite every pool & spa


High Efficiency
  • Our highest efficiency unit
  • Wi-Fi and touch screen control
  • 7 sizes, suits all climate zones


Premium Model
  • Commercial quality
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet & Wi-Fi
  • Suitable for cold climates

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Our mission is to offer the latest technological advances in hydronic climate control solutions.

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