Solar Room Heater

The Heatpac ‘Heatwave’ Solar Storage Heating System allows owners with rooftop solar systems to reduce heating costs by storing the free energy from the sun. And when there’s not enough solar power, it uses off peak power to top up its reserves, so you aren’t left short with sufficient power to keep comfortable.

The Heatwave solar heating system uses advanced digital controls to manage the production, storage and distribution of heat into the home 24 hours a day. Households equipped with rooftop solar produce energy during daylight hours that may not be fully used in the home. This electric energy may be exported to the grid, stored in batteries or it can be redirected to the Heatwave thermal storage unit to heat the home, even when solar energy production has stopped. If you have solar now, or think you may get it, this is the heating system for you.

The Heatwave solar storage heaters are designed to use the highest quality thermal insulation and utilise a silent fan which discharges the heat as required by the set program. Thanks to these features, the Heatwave units are easily regulated and retaining the heat inside when it is not needed. They are very versatile and are recommended for use in houses, commercial premises, offices and in general on any site where heat distribution is required at set hours and in a precise way.

For more information about Heatpac solar energy storage room heaters, visit the Heatpac website.

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