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The need to improve comfort, convenience and safety, whilst at the same time reduce energy consumption is a task that can only be achieved by intelligently controlling and monitoring the products and technology within the home or office complex. Improving the management of HVAC systems, lighting, security and access control through home automation systems overcomes these challenges and provides a comfortable, sustainable and safe environment.

From an automation perspective, this implies more wires, devices and higher installation costs. However, this doesn’t need to be the case and automation can be simplified by providing a standard communications protocol. This is where KNX comes in – by providing a common language that all devices use to communicate means the kind of device you want to use doesn’t matter anymore.

Whether you want to control lighting, shutters, audio and video control, security systems, energy management, underfloor heating, air-conditioning systems, monitoring systems, BMS interface systems, and control it all remotely… all these functions work via a uniform system.

KNX makes home and building control easy.



Worldwide standard
Compliant with all regulations and an integral part of international standards. The KNX Protocol has now also been adopted by Standards Australia as SA/SNZ ISO/IEC TS 14543.3.1-6:2018.

Suitable for all buildings
Scalable, modular and easily expandable system with over 8,000 certified products from simple end-user solutions such as voice control and IoT objects, to controls for large buildings.

More than 500 manufacturers
Manufacturers from all applications areas: lighting, HVAC, shading, safety and security, metering, energy management, audio-video, and much more.

Fundamental to energy efficiency
Decisive contribution to sustainability with solutions to achieve energy savings of up to 40% for shading, 50% for thermoregulation, 60% for lighting and 60% for ventilation.

Open and interoperable system
A unique automation system with comprehensive certification procedures for products, training centres, and specialists. Interoperability certified by 3rd party laboratories and with independent software for design, configuration and commissioning.

Open to technological evolution
Open, royalty free, future proof system. Independent of any hardware or software technology. Support of different transmission media: twisted pair, RF, power line, ethernet, Wi-Fi. Gateway for standard protocols: BACnet, DALI, Modbus, M-Bus.

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