• Property type: Residential
  • Services Installed:
  • Energy Source:
  • Size (kW): 80

Surrounded by the beautiful Lane Cove River in Sydney’s northern suburbs, Woolwich is one of Sydney’s most exclusive suburbs. Radiant Heating and Cooling Solutions won the tender to supply a floor and ceiling system on four floors of this magnificent high-end home.

The property owner sought to complement the amazing views of the Harbour Bridge with a relaxing and comfortable environment. The need to maintain clean lines within the building to allow for flexible interior design options influenced the selection of an invisible heating and cooling system.

This project is a demonstration of our capabilities with high-end residential underfloor heating projects. The floor construction was a screed base, finished in Terrazzo. This was ideal for optimising system efficiency whilst maintaining a tasteful interior. The sustainability aspect of the construction was also a factor in system selection, with a reverse-cycle heat pump chosen to provide heating and cooling. Dehumidifiers serve each floor separately to attain better control of the humidity and occupant comfort levels. Multiple zones were also created to permit the personalisation of the environment to suit individual tastes.

A remote management facility allows offsite conditioning by accessing the system via smartphone or laptop. Technologies applied include:

  • Reverse Cycle Heat Pump.
  • Insulated Polystyrene Backed Plasterboard For The Ceiling.
  • New Plus Insulation Floor Panels.
  • Offsite System Access.
  • Modulating Mixing Manifolds.
  • Intelligent Control System.