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  • Heating & Cooling for Walls and Floors

    Heating & Cooling for Walls and Floors

  • Ultimate comfort all year round

    Ultimate comfort all year round

Floor, Ceiling and Wall Heating & Cooling Systems

Energy Efficient Hydronic Heating and Cooling Solutions 

Based in Sydney, Radiant Heating and Cooling Solutions are arguably the leading Australian hydronic heating and cooling solutions provider. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only supplier that meets the complete stringent European BS EN1264 standards, and have chosen to do so to maximise the systems efficiency and comfort using in floor and ceiling heating. All our heating and cooling solutions offer a full service delivery package including design, drawings, supply, installation and market-leading after sales support. For those who want just a part of that service, we can help with that also. 

Our in floor & ceiling heating and cooling system customer portfolio includes –consultants, architects, contractors and home builders. Please review our list of residential and commercial projects that Radiant Heating and Cooling Solutions has designed, consulted or supplied for various in floor or ceiling heating systems in Australia.

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Our extensive network of installers are located in most major cities of Australia including:

  • Sydney
  • Canberra
  • Melbourne
  • Newcastle
  • Brisbane
  • Perth
  • Hobart

Underfloor SolutionsUnderfloor Solutions

Underfloor Solutions

Underfloor hydronic systems provide an efficient and comfortable way to heat or cool a room. We offer solutions for just about every application.

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Ceiling & Wall SolutionsCeiling & Wall Solutions

Ceiling & Wall Solutions

A hydronic ceiling or wall system is an exciting new product that offers a range of benefits and is perfect for both residential and commercial heating and cooling applications.

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Efficient Energy Source Options

Bosch Gas Boilers SystemsBosch Gas Boilers Systems

Bosch Gas Boilers Systems

Condensing boilers operate at up to 91% energy efficiency, saving you money on your gas bill. With Bosch you are making sure that your hydronic heating system maintains a long-lasting, highly energy and efficient heat.

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Carrier Hydronic Heat PumpsCarrier Hydronic Heat Pumps

Carrier Hydronic Heat Pumps

Using electricity an air source heat pumps absorbs heat from the outside air and releases it to inside the building through the hydronic system. Heat pumps can operate at high efficiencies of up to 350%.

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Apricus Solar Hot Water SystemsApricus Solar Hot Water Systems

Apricus Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar is becoming increasingly popular. Our Apricus solar hot water collector utilises our high quality, high performance evacuated tube technology to capture more solar energy for more hours in the day.

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Carrier Air-Cooled Water ChillersCarrier Air-Cooled Water Chillers

Carrier Air-Cooled Water Chillers

Hydronic systems can be used to provide cooling too. A chiller will provide cooling water that pulses through the system, and these are usually more efficient and smaller than conventional cooling solutions.

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Heating & Cooling

So many good reasons to choose underfloor heating 

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  Control your comfort, every season of the year.
  Energy efficient - lower operating costs bring you savings over time.
  Design freedom, with ultimate free-space potential.
  In floor and in slab heating is safe with no radiators or visible units.
  Peace-of-mind: from start to finish you're in safe hands.
  Improved health with floor heating: air-borne mites and moisture is reduced.
  Additional options for increased performance and savings.
  Silent operation: with no noisy fans, you enjoy peace and quiet.

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Only using the world's most trusted brands

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