Macquarie University

Radiant heating and Cooling Solutions are working with Buildcorp Interiors in the installation of our commercial grade underfloor heating system to serve a new 850m2 atrium, café and student space at the Facility of Science and Engineering, Macquarie University.

Property and the Faculty of Science and Engineering are working on an exciting new project to transform E7A – 12 Wally’s Walk, the Mitchell building, to support academic pursuits and progress the University’s goal of creating a vibrant and sustainable campus.

Property is maximising the benefits of the E7A – 12 Wally’s Walk renewal project to extend the building envelope to incorporate a rooftop space, a contemporary entry and atrium linking E7A (12 Wally’s Walk) and E7B (14 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Avenue). The atrium extension will enhance amenity of both E7A (12 Wally’s Walk) and E7B (14 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Ave) through creating a reinvigorated precinct.

Hydronic floor heating is a particularly effective method of heating large floor areas with elevated ceiling heights, and as it is both invisible and quiet, and can suit buildings where aesthetics and noise are an issue. Mean radiant temperature is the single most important parameter in human thermal comfort. It has the strongest influence on comfort indexes such as Predicted Mean Vote (“PMV”) or Physiological Equivalent Temperature (“PET”). Air temperatures matter less. Thus heating and cooling systems that address radiant temperatures directly can be more efficient than those that heat or cool air.

The system includes modular plastic bars fixing clips to hold the heating pipes. The pipes are made from High-density cross-linked polyethylene with anti-oxygen barrier. The system is served by a high efficiency Bosch commercial GB condensing boiler. The pipework is connected to a preassembled manifold kit for distribution and regulation control. It includes a closing bypass for primary circuit, a 3-way mixing valve and a thermostatic head an variable speed electronic circulation pump.

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