KNX is the dominant smart home technology

Market Research Shows KNX as the Dominant Technology in the Smart Home Market with over 373 million KNX devices installed as of the 30th anniversary of KNX.

“With 373 million devices installed and a cumulative market turnover of 54.5 billion euros, KNX has within three decades established itself as a central technology player in the global market for smart home and building solutions. And the market researches show that KNX will continue to write this success story in the future and further expand its market share in an excellent market environment,” says Franz Kammerl, President of the KNX Association.

Due to KNX being the world leder in home automation technology, Radiant Heating and Cooling Solutions has aligned their range with this technology to ensure that future compatability, support and service of the system is guaranteed for years by any KNX certified partner.

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