ClimateMaker System

Conceived in Europe and perfected in Australia, Climatemaker brings the most comfortable climate you can imagine, indoors.

It’s a brilliantly efficient low energy system that provides both underfloor heating and air conditioning cooling. Architects and renovators are enthusiastic as the system is completely discreet, silent and invisible. Based on radiant heating and cooling technology, the amount of ceiling space required for conventional air conditioning duct is minimal, allowing for greater ceiling heights.

For big open rooms with lofted ceilings, the system really is the best answer as it heats everything up to about 3 meters above floor level without wasting energy on the air space above. The new Vodaphone Office Tower at 177 Pacific Hwy North Sydney has its huge public atrium heated that way for this very reason.

Along with large living areas it is ideal for heating bedrooms and quiet zones with no noise and drafts from traditional air conditioning and forced air systems. 

Let’s bring renewable energy into the mix. Climatemaker can be powered by a variety of renewable energy sources allowing for sustainable design and energy rating points. Rooftop solar power and battery storage systems are ideally paired with Climatemaker, reducing the need for any additional energy input by grid electricity.

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